"For Friends, by Friends"

The concept of BAE is the epitome of “Wine & Dine". We pride ourselves in delivering affordable food and wine in an ambience that opens everyone to new friendships and memories. When you pair the right wine with the right dish, the flavors of your experience will be enhanced. In addition, BAE is committed to providing affordable selections of wine as we truly believe that good wine does not need to be expensive to be of good quality.

Our Chef, Robert Veendendaal, firmly believes that sharing your meal alongside friends and family is one of the most fundamental ways to connect with one another. Every meal is an occasion you get to share and create your memories with others—no meal should be eaten alone. Because meals are that important, Chef Robert puts all his care into delivering food that will leave his customers with happy smiles.

Being the one universal dish that is sure to not only satiate your hunger, but also leave a content and satisfied smile on your face, Chef Robert’s favorite dishes to cook are within the pasta familia. Not only is it comforting, but pasta can also be whipped together so fluidly, your hunger will be satisfied almost instantaneously. These satisfied smiles and his mother are what continue to drive his love for cooking, and our striving for your perfect experience at BAE.